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UPDATE 30.06.2021


Firstly thank you for returning to this site, like Frank seeking the pleasure of the Cenobites, you really are searching for pleasure through pain. Unfortunately, in this instance the pain is on us. 


This is now an Archived Library for BloodGuts UK Horror. With best endeavours, I have tried to move and update this site for a cleaner, more functional work space however this would need to be done on every individual page and as a result we have over 1000 reviews and well as hundreds of interviews and features that simply do not warrant the manpower to update.

Instead we will leave this site open and viewable for Legacy reviews and features for your viewing pleasure.

Going forward BloodGuts UK Horror will be like a reborn child and while there is history, it will need to be stored here away from the wonderful world of Google and other search engines so if you know, you know. If you don't then we will have clear links on the new website to access this plethora of goodness and history of the Website since its inception in 2012.

Thank you again for your support and we hope you continue to accompany us on our journey.

God bless and hail Mary - we will have no possession here.

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